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Are You Sick of Following all          

      Those Workouts in Magazines

      That Top Body Builders are

      Using with Little or No Results


New Workout Designed to Stimulate Your Neural Pathways and Send Your Lifts Through The Roof! This is the Only Workout I Know of that Can Simultaneously Power, Size, and Speed.


1.      I will send you the base workout totally free. No strings no, credit card to enter, nothing you ever have to buy. The only thing that you have to do is sign up on our email list. 

2.  This workout is so different from typical workouts it is short (usually about 30 minutes), and produces quick, superior results. It has been tested on hundreds of people over the past several years (since 1992). Actually I have had many people wonder why I have never published this workout. My response was I really didn't know how to go about doing that and this is my first attempt to go to the masses. 

3. First let me tell you that I'm not a salesman, writer, web designer, marketer so if you find mistakes in my copy feel free to let me know about it and I will try to get it corrected. What I'm knowledgeable about is almost anything to do with working out drug free, so if that is what you are after you have come to the right place. I own a small Health Club and have been in the industry since 1989 also I'm an ex-professional boxer.   

4.  When you start working out I feel you should strive for 3 things and they are speed, power, and size. To me there are things that are more important than having big muscles, after all what would be the point of having big muscles if you can't perform better or at least as good as you could without them. I'm sure you have seen big muscular guys that couldn't hardly move and that had gotten so stiff that they couldn't hit a baseball hard or throw a hard punch. 

6. After you start the program you and see how great it works is that you wish to buy the advanced versions with variations that you will need to continue to make progress after the first several weeks, an instructional dvd, and advanced email support.  

7.      This workout is not for someone who is on steroids if you are on steroids the you need one of those workouts that are printed in a lot muscle magazines. 

8.      This workout is designed to make your nerves fire better, not to tear down your muscles. When your nerves fire better you can handle heavier weight, when you can handle more weight your muscles will increase in size.  

9.      Steroids are designed to rebuild your muscles after you tear them down, you don't tear muscles down enough on this workout to need steroids   

10.      This workout is probably different a little different than anything you have ever seen before. 

11 .      It will work well for the person that is just beginning, but works exceptionally well for someone that has hit a plateau  that they can't seem to get past.

12.  Its typical for a lifter to blast past a plateau they hit, start making gains, and do their personal best by the second or third week on this workout.

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