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                  Rules for Shape-it-up Contest 2016

1)       You must be a member at Salem Health & Fitness during the time you are competing in the contest.

2)       You must sign up for the contest, have before and after pictures taken, weigh-in, waist line measurements and an electronic body fat analysis must taken at the club. (Although we feel that electronic tests are not that accurate they are consistent and good for showing amounts of improvement.

3)       The use of illegal drugs will not be allowed if anyone is caught using illegal drugs in any shape or form they will be disqualified.

4)       There will be monthly prizes every month in each category every person that enters will get a free month if they come close, tie or due better than I do every month.

5)       Monthly there will be 3 categories and all monthly stuff everyone will be competing against only me. You don’t have to beat me to win a free month get within 10% of what I do and you will get your next month free.  There must be some improvement in order to win a free month (example say I don’t lose any fat or even gain fat you can’t win a fat loss if you don’t lose any fat) there must be positive results in order for you to win a free month no matter what I do.. Only one win per month (meaning you can’t win say in pounds of fat lost and inches lost.

A.       One for pounds of fat lost,

B.       One for inches lost in the waist line,

C.        One for pounds of muscle gained

D.       There will not be a category for total pounds lost because if you lose a lot of muscle during your weight loss this is very unhealthy and counterproductive so I will not promote for overall weight loss.

E.       All readings will be taken on electronic body fat  analysis machine calipers body fat analysis is available but for the purpose of this contest we will be using electronic.

F.        I started my month September 23rd  and my months will run to the 23rd of each month/ my first measurements where documented on Health and Fitness Facebook page by video recording. I will document mine every month on the 23rd for my measurements (within 1 day may be 22nd 23rd or 24th.)  I will shoot for 23rd but am going to allow myself 1 day in case of unforeseen circumstances.

G.       Anyone competing on the one month challenge can start anytime and end for measurements within 2 days of their starting day. Example if they start on the 23rd then they can end between the 21st and the 25th of the next month.

H.       When I take my readings they will be up for anyone to beat the entire next month.

I.         So say I have a bad month and

6)       There will be an overall competition with 4 categories in a three month you can start any time after Monday September 26th until Nov 15th Contest will end February 1st you must complete contest between 10 and 13 weeks .

A.       There will be 4 categories in the 3 month contest

B.       I will not be involved in the 3 month contest’

C.       First category will be fat loss

D.       Second will be inches lost in the waist line

E.       Third will pounds of muscle gained

F.        Fourth will be overall transformation .


8)       Best body transformation for the overall competition (this will include fat loss in combination with muscle gain and overall appearance) Just as a general rule one pound of muscle gained will be worth about 4 pounds of fat lost. Because it much harder to gain a pound of muscle than it is to lose a pound of fat. Percentage will be taken into consideration for transformation

9)       The management will have final say in any and all discrepancies

10)    Employees and family members are not eligible on the three month contest. One month contest is everyone against Rick only.

11)    12.  These are the rules as of the starting date if for some reason they need to be amended it will be posted at the club and on the website as rule amendment with the date displayed.

12)     13.   I hope that I have everything covered if I don't and we have to make a change just let me assure you that everything in this contest will be ran as fair as possible.



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E-Mail: salemfitness@live.com

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